When it comes to boilers one brand frequently comes out on top: Worcester Bosch.

Over the years their reputation has been second to none, and they have received many an award for their products and service.

One thing that Worcester Bosch are renowned for, is their quality – you can even ask HRH the Queen! Worcester Bosch possesses a Royal Warrant, which provides heating systems for the Royal Family’s Sandringham Estate. Then there are all the awards. The company have repeatedly been winners of Which? Best Buy Awards from 2009; their most recent award in 2020 for their Greenstar 8000 style combi boiler. CORGI have also awarded the company with the Heating Product of the Year Award, three years in a row!

But where did this glowing reputation begin?  In Worcester, in 1962, Cecil Duckworth formed the company: Worcester Engineering Company Ltd.  In the early years while operating out of an old vinegar factory – Worcester specialised in oil-fired central heating systems, until the seventies, when the combi-boiler was revolutionised (although they were not as popular as they are currently, due to issues with water hardness in certain areas of the country!).  During this decade, nearly 95% of homes in the UK were heated by oil, however with conflict in the Middle East, and shortage of oil for heating, this saw the need for change – there was more interest in using gas to heat homes.

In 1983, disaster struck; there was a fire at the Worchester factory in Diglis and it was destroyed, but this did not hold them back – within three weeks Worcester was back manufacturing boilers! Followed by a new factory, just a few months later. The eighties continued to be successful for the company; with increases in share prices; expanding their manufacturing premises; and even a re-brand: Worcester Heating Systems. This was later changed in 1992, when Worcester joined forces with Robert Bosch Gmbh, to create the Worcester Bosch group name that we know today – three years later, Cecil Duckworth became the first British person to be appointed as President of the Bosch Heating Division before he retired completely a year later in 1996.

In 1999, Worcester Bosch launched, Environment 2000 – an awards scheme focusing on installations that are friendly to the environment. The company have continued this focus on the environment twenty years later, with their range of boilers, many of which have topped the bill in energy efficiency. Worcester Bosch produces boilers with an energy rating of A and above. Their most recent, award-winning range Greenstar, has been rated as A+! The reputation of Worcester Bosch Their guarantees are almost as good as the boilers themselves – with some lasting up to ten years; including free engineer callouts!

This is not just hearsay, just look at all the reviews and ratings on Trustpilot, thousands of customers – it will be difficult to find a rating under four stars.