How Do Viessmann Boilers Provide Unbeatable Performance?

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In the modern age, strong performance is needed from just about every appliance and piece of equipment you have in the home. For one, low energy consumption is a key factor in many people’s buying decisions these days.

Not only do people want to reduce their carbon footprint by operating devices that are as energy-efficient as possible nowadays but they also want low running costs.

This is where Viessmann boilers come into their own because their performance rates highly when you compare them to many of the other leading brands. If you are thinking about whether to invest in a Viessmann boiler for your home or business premises in the near future and want to know whether doing so would be a wise move, then read on.

A Trusted Brand


To begin with, Viessmann boilers have been rated as the UK’s most reliable in multiple surveys. The company is rated highly on well-respected review sites, such as Trustpilot, for example. So, you can be sure that this German-made brand will work very well in British settings, providing all of the heat and comfort you need in the northern hemisphere during the often long winter months. The Viessmann range includes gas boilers that are suited to one-bedroom flats, larger family homes and even big industrial buildings like factories.

A Wide Range

Viessmann boilers

Along with commercial hot water boilers, steam boilers and domestic hot cylinders, Viessmann makes some remarkably efficient oil-based boilers for homes that are not connected to the British natural gas grid. If you are connected, however, then a Viessmann combi boiler may be for you because this will heat your water almost instantaneously without the need for a storage tank. In other words, having a Viessmann combi boiler fitted means never running out of hot water in the middle of a shower ever again! You’ll simply have hot water on demand whether it is for your washing requirements or your central heating system.

A Good Look

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What’s more, the conventional gas boilers and combi boilers that Viessmann designs and manufactures are very discreet. Many are installed in domestic kitchens and they will look great with very low noise levels when they are in operation. If you want to, these products can be hidden behind conventional kitchen units so you would barely know they were there. If you are looking at the technicalities of modern boiler designs, then how attractively – or otherwise – your choice might fit into your kitchen may not be a priority. That said, seamless installation is a big part of the ongoing performance of any boiler. After all, you need to be able to live with your choice for a long time, especially with the very long-lasting Viessmann range.

Boiler Sizes and Features

There are plenty of different sizes of boilers you can invest in. The size will usually reflect the amount of hot water you’ll ever need to produce, so this tends to reflect the size of the property concerned and its central heating system. Many Viessmann boilers come in 26 kW, 30 kW and 35 kW versions. This rating simply reflects the power of each product. Viessmann’s Vitodens 100-W is an award-winning boiler that comes in all three of the aforementioned power ratings with sturdy rubber and copper components throughout. By way of comparison, their Vitodens 200-W and 111-W boilers are available in a choice of 26 kW or 35 kW only. All three have handy LCD displays so you can see what is going on with the boiler and the temperature you have set your heating and hot water supply to. If you opt for a Viessmann system oiler instead, then you can also expect an integrated hot water storage tank. Furthermore, the Vitodens 100-W system boiler comes in a 19 kW version, handy to know if you have a smaller property and would like some hot water storage without needing to find room for a cylinder.

Energy Efficiency

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Although the main rationale people have to invest in a Viessmann boiler is that they’ll run very efficiently, this is not the only reason to do so. They come with ten-year parts and labour warranty so you’ll be able to enjoy energy-efficient hot water for many years to come without worrying about additional expenditure. What’s more, the A-rated energy efficiency is backed up by German engineering and quality control, something that usually speaks for itself! This is reflected, for example, in the shock absorbers and dampeners you will find on the company’s products which are designed to reduce noises, such as clanks and whines.

What more could you want?