Vaillant has been one of the UK’s most popular boiler brands for over a century – but where has their great reputation come from?

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Known for utilising state-of-the-art technology in their boilers, Valliant manages to combine efficiency with affordability to allow their high-quality boilers to become a household favourite.

Vaillant’s award-winning boilers are renowned for their reliability, performance and efficiency. When we compare boilers, we look at a number of things from efficiency to price, and Valliant is competitive across them all. The company is so confident in their technology, that their boilers have warranties of up to 7 years across the range.

Valliant UK are part of the international Valliant Group which was founded over 140 years ago and now supplies over 20 countries across the globe, but is still family-owned.  It is the second-largest European manufacturer in heating technologies and is also active in ventilation and air-conditioning technology.

“In the UK alone, replacing an old heating system with a new high-efficiency boiler can save more than 30 % of energy a year, and reduce CO2 emissions by a corresponding 30%. Sustainable heating is central to the Vaillant Group and its operation.” Klaus Jesse – Managing Director Valliant UK & Ireland

Today, as demand increases in Europe, the Valliant Group focuses on products that use renewable energy, including heat pumps and solar thermal systems.  They are also pioneering the development of hybrid systems which combine renewable energies with heating appliances to create highly efficient and intelligent systems.

Valliant boilers are popular in the UK as they are efficient, reliable, and easily operated.  Thanks to their unique shape and compact design, they are perfect for any home, and their sophisticated manufacturing offers powerful results.  Valliant’s focus on energy efficiency means that their boilers are advanced in environmentally friendly technology and reach a 98% efficiency rating.  To put that in context, an A-rated boiler only needs to be 90% efficient!

Known in the industry for their innovative, modern technology, they were one of the first UK boiler brands to offer their own customer app – the vSmart Control app.  It enables customers to control their heating temperature from their mobile device, wherever they are.

Despite setting new standards in the industry with their advanced technology, Valliant’s approach is to ‘keep it simple’.  They offer dozens of routes of support for their boiler owners, ensuring that everyone receives the help they need, when they need it, in the way they want it!

“Our constant drive to provide leading levels of customer service and training support helps to demonstrate why our customers continually recommend Vaillant – the ultimate endorsement any brand could ask for.” Klaus Jesse – Managing Director Valliant UK & Ireland