Intergas is a well-established boiler company, but compared to their competitors, they are relatively new to the UK market.

Intergas Boilers

For the past forty years, they have been a popular choice of boiler manufacturer in their native Netherlands, and now they are starting to be noticed over here.

As with most heating companies, the company has not always dealt with boilers. In its early days, back in 1939, the company was known as Machinefabriek van de Wetering, and was known for producing wooden bathtubs and clothes pegs! In the 1960’s with the discovery of natural gas in the Netherlands, the company started to venture into the world of domestic heating and in 1989 Intergas launched the first condensing boiler to the Dutch market – and now they are still the leading brand of condenser boiler in the country.

The environment has always been the focus with Intergas. They have continuously aimed to lower emissions while increasing the efficiency of their products. Intergas has largely been able to achieve this through their own invention: the two-in-one heat exchanger. By only having one exchanger, the boiler uses less fuel yet can produce the same amount of heat. This not only means that the boiler produces lower emissions (of up to 20%), but it also lowers the household energy bills. This works by having water from both the central heating system and the taps, pass through a single exchanger, and heating them directly; thus, ensuring that the boiler is condensing 100% of the time – regardless of whether the boiler is heating your water or your home. The other bonus of this technology is that it keeps the flue gases cool and any heat loss to a minimum.

The team at Intergas are not only conscious about the environment, but they also consider the aesthetics of your heating systems with the belief that your boiler need not need to be an eyesore! Intergas boilers are known for their sleek and contemporary looks, LED displays, and touch panel controls. Their thermostats also appeal to the eye, with their modern and understated design. If you are the type of person who likes to be in control of your heating, no matter where you are – Intergas have their own apps for remote-control access to your thermostat, allowing you to control your heating when you are not in the house.

Intergas is also well known for taking care of their customers – they have a good range of warranties as standard with all of their products, although these vary between models. For instance, the Rapid range has warranties starting from three years going up to six, while the Eco RX and Xclusive models come with a warranty of ten years. Another outstanding idea from Intergas is that the heat exchanger within their boilers is covered by its own separate guarantee: these range from seven to ten years, again, depending on the boiler range and model.