Ideal Heating

Investing in a quality heating system is crucial to ensuring a warm and comfortable environment in your home during weather changes. Fortunately, there is a range of boilers suited for different homes, so regardless of the size of your home, you can be sure to find the perfect fit. Ideal heaters combi boilers are best suited for small spaces, while heat-only or system boilers are excellent for homes with multiple bathrooms.

How Do Boiler Systems Work?

Before the invention of the boiler, people used to rely on wood and coal for heating. In every room you wanted to be comfortable in, you had to make, tend and clean fire. Luckily innovation has made it possible to have central heating in your home rather than an open fire in every room.

With a central heating boiler, there is always a steady supply of hot water pumped through the pipes to radiators to release heat inside your home. As the water cools, it’s rerouted back to the boiler, where it’s reheated for future heating.

Read on to find out what type of boiler system is ideal for your home.

What Are the Different Types of Boiler Systems?

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Heat Only Boilers

Also known as regular, conventional, or open vent boilers, these are best suited for large homes with the need for a steady supply of hot water. In addition to providing a constant supply of hot water, heat-only boilers keep our homes warm and perfect for relaxation. This type of heating system is easy to spot. It features a cold water storage tank, main boiler, and hot water storage tank, all of which work together to ensure you have the hot water you need.

The system works by feeding cold water to the boiler, where it is heated up and sent to the central heating system and hot water storage tank for later use. A huge perk of this system is that it works using a pump; thus, you never have to worry if your home struggles with water pressure. Your boiler will still work optimally.

If you have plenty of space in your home, most likely in your loft, this kind of boiler could make an excellent fit.

System Boilers

Just like conventional boilers, system boilers feed the central heating and hot water tank. The only difference is that you won’t need a separate tank for cold water storage as the water is fed directly from the mains. For a household of four or more, this kind of boiler could make a great addition to your home’s heating system.

Because there is no need for loft tanks, a system boiler is perfect in houses limited for storage. Plus, with less pipework needed, you can expect installation to be quite budget-friendly.

A system boiler works at mains pressure, so it’s always prudent to ensure you have optimal water pressure for the system to work perfectly.

Combi Boilers

If you stay in a small household or alone, chances are you won’t have much space for any tanks. Innovatively designed to heat water directly from the mains on demand, a combi (combination) boiler doesn’t need a separate cold or hot water tank.

As these heat water on demand, they are pretty energy efficient, meaning you could significantly lower the utility bills as well as your environmental footprint. You can also look forward to cheap and easy installation owing to the less pipework required. Similar to the previous type, combi boilers work well with normal to high mains water pressure.

A huge plus with the combi boiler is you never have to wait for a hot water cylinder to refill once it has emptied as with the previous models. When you turn on your bath tap or shower, the boiler fires up instantly, which means hot water is available 24/7.

So, there you have it. With the above information, you’re better positioned to make the best choice depending on your house needs. If you still feel unsure of where to start, our easy-to-use tool makes finding the suitable model seamless. All you need is to work your way through the simple questions and select the choice of boiler you’d prefer for your home. Once the tool has factored in the facts and figures provided, you should see the best model/s for your home.