Alpha heating innovations are synonymous with reliability and affordability.

Alpha has been supplying high-quality, energy-efficient heating products for over 50 years.

Alpha Boilers

If you are looking for a low-cost and reliable heating system, look no further. Alpha utilises innovative technology to manufacture various boilers, including system, regular, heat-only and combination boilers that use natural gas. Therefore, installing a boiler from Alpha in your home is an excellent investment that will benefit your family. Let’s look at the UK’s best boilers, the popular models and the benefits of choosing Alpha for your heating solutions.

Types of Boilers From Alpha

Alpha manufactures a wide range of heating solutions to meet the requirement of various households. Some of the popular types of boilers at Alpha include:

Regular Boilers

If you need a lot of hot water in your home or you need to heat water in two bathrooms, regular boilers are the perfect choice for your needs. These boilers heat water using a hot-water cylinder attached to the central unit.

Combination Boilers

Alpha’s combination boilers are ideal for heating your home or supplying hot water in medium-sized houses. They do not require additional components to heat water in households with average water demands. With the efficiency and central heating features, a combination boiler is a favourite among Alpha products. Some of the combination boilers available at Alpha include E-Tec Plus and Evoke.

System Boilers

If your house has more than two bathrooms, you need a robust heating system to supply hot water to multiple taps. System boilers effectively heat water, but they require an extra hot water cylinder to supply water simultaneously.

Commercial Boilers

Aside from residential boilers, Alpha provides a range of commercial boilers to cater to huge water demands. The commercial boilers include Ares Tec, a condensing modular that can provide high output and flexible heating.

Why You Should Choose Boilers From Alpha Heating Innovations

Alpha manufactures heating products with a focus on innovation and efficiency. The products provide long-term heating solutions at competitive prices. Here are the reasons for choosing the UK’s best boilers from Alpha:

1. An Extensive Boiler Range to Suit Most Homes

Every home requires a different size of boiler depending on the heating needs and hot water demand. That is why Alpha produces a variety of models to suit both residential and commercial buildings. For instance, the CDR range of regular boilers is a reliable source of central heating ideal for medium-sized houses. Combination boilers like Eco2 Plus, E-Tec, and Evoke are recognisable for their compact builds that can fit into a cupboard. The boiler designs also come with temperature sensors and control features. Alpha’s range of system boilers like Protec Plus and Intec2 SE provides energy-efficient heating with quick warm-up times for advanced heating in a large home.

2. Alpha Warranty

Alpha provides an extended warranty of up to 10 years to give customers peace of mind when purchasing the boilers. The warranty covers faults and machine breakdowns, and you can contact Alpha for repairs or replacement if the machine is faulty.

3. Competitive Pricing

You can get an Alpha Boiler that suits your needs regardless of your budget. The boilers are cost-effective and will save you money on utility bills. Use a price comparison tool to compare the prices with other brands.

4. Output Rating

The output rating determines the number of radiators that the boiler can heat. Alpha ensures that the machines have a higher output rating to meet the required hot water and central heating demands. You can also compare the output rating of their product range to ensure you have a suitable output for your needs.

5. Energy Efficiency

Most boilers from Alpha have a 93% efficiency, which means your utility bills will reduce when you start using an Alpha boiler. Their operational efficiency minimises wastage.

Alpha Boilers is a reliable manufacturer that delivers quality heating solutions. Check out the selection of boilers and various accessories to keep your house warm.