About Us

Our Eco Companies have been providing energy-saving solutions since 2015. In the last 12-months alone we have saved our customers over £10 million in heating bill savings!

Being at the forefront of the Government-backed Energy Obligation Scheme in Scotland and the North of England and have completed over 10,000 installations through the ECO scheme alone, with the majority of these being completely FREE or with a minimal contribution.

We have systems and procedures in place that enable Our Eco Partners to swiftly determine what level of funding you may be entitled to:

  1. Complete our 60-second form
  2. Free no-obligation survey of your home
  3. Installation of your funded boiler!

All our Boiler Installations under the Govt. backed ECO scheme come complete with a 2-year warranty As Standard.

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Boilers For Free

Boilers For Free Eco Partners provide a full, end to end in-house service that covers initial enquiry, home assessment, installation, and aftercare. As we are in control of every stage of the process, this enables us to provide the highest standards while assisting our customers with a single point of contact throughout.

Helping hundreds of customers every month achieve a warmer, more energy-efficient home while saving them considerable money on their heating bills by providing Free/funded boilers and insulation.

Did you know?

  • Our Eco Partners Have Completed Over 10,000 Installations Under the Govt. ECO Scheme!
  • Over a third of our customers receive their new energy-efficient boiler completely FREE of charge!
  • Of those who were required to pay a boiler contribution, the average amount was only £300- £500
  • We have saved our customers over £10 million in heating savings in the last 12 months alone!
  • Our team has a wealth of experience in guiding homeowners and private tenants through the process of installing insulation measures through the government-backed ECO scheme.
  • We have taken this a step further by introducing new innovative measures that enable us to perform new installations that may not have been possible previously.