What are the Best UK Brands for Boilers?

The time has come to get a new boiler, but what are the best brands available?


This handy guide looks at the best UK brand boilers on the market to help you understand the choices available:

1. Worcester Bosch Boilers

First established in the ’60s in Worcester itself, this boiler brand has been trusted by consumers and engineers for years. Proof? Just look at their WHICH? Best Buy Awards: ten consecutive wins in a row! It is not just the boilers themselves with the reputation and the ten-year warranty, but also the aftercare is known to be second to none.

2. Ideal

With a name like that, how could they not be? If you’re a fan of the English Premiership you may have come across “Boiler Man”, the official mascot (honestly) of West Bromwich Albion, after the boiler brand became the club’s sponsors. This Kingston-Upon-Hull company also has an excellent reputation, offering a wide range of boilers, catering for various budgets.

3. Valliant

With a history of nearly 141 years of building boilers and the pioneers of the combi boiler, Valliant are not novices when it comes to heating your home. This brand is also not a stranger to a Which? Best Buy award or two. Valliant is known for its engineering prowess and they also have a generous ten-year warranty.

4. Baxi

Based in Preston, Baxi does a range of combi, regular, and system boilers. They may not be everyone’s first choice – but they do have guarantees of up to ten years; excellent customer service; and a large catalogue of parts.

5. Glow-Worm

Regarded as more of a budget-based brand, Glow-Worm hail from Derbyshire, and manufactures combi, regular, and system boilers. This brand uses the latest technology to ensure that their boilers reduce fuel wastage; are more efficient, and contribute to reducing a household’s carbon footprint.

6. Intergas

A relatively new company, Intergas produces a range of boilers that have more appeal to the eye, with many in their range having contemporary looks and LED displays. Intergas also emphasises the use of remote-control systems. The length of their guarantees can depend on the model of the boiler, but they are generally very competitive.

7. Potterton

Compared to the others on this list Potterton is a relatively unknown brand, tending to cater more to the high-end of the market. Now they are branching out with a more budget-friendly range of boilers. Although Potterton has been expanding their range – these boilers do not come with a lengthy guarantee.

8. Alpha

For many years this brand has been regarded as being ‘budget’, however, their reputation has been improving and they look set to remain popular thanks to their reliability and affordable prices. Alpha has also introduced stainless-steel heat exchangers into their products – which helps to reduce corrosion and increase the life of your boiler.

Still confused as to which is the best boiler for you?  No problem, that’s what the experts are here for!  Every engineer may have a preference as to which boiler brands they like working with the most, but they will also be happy to advise on which is best for your property’s needs.