Did you know that if your boiler is over 10 years old, you could save 20% to 35% on your heating bills by upgrading to a new combi boiler?

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that over half of your total annual energy bills are spent on your heating, so even having a boiler that is running at less than its best could be costing you hundreds of extra pounds every year.

Energy saving

If your boiler is G-rated then your annual savings could be even higher, with some energy providers estimating a saving of up to £315 per year!

While your average home owner probably has no idea what energy efficiency rating their boiler is right now, a good rule of thumb is that any boiler over 15 years old is likely to be G-rated. That means that it runs at less than 70% efficiency, wasting 30% of its energy every time you use it.

New combi-boilers must run at a minimum of 92% efficiency, making sure that your money is well spent, not wasted when you heat your home or turn on your taps. As well as burning their fuel very efficiently, new condensing boilers have a large heat exchanger, meaning that they recover more heat, sending cooler gases up the flue and out into the atmosphere, and wasting less energy (and less of your money!).

As well as a new boiler, other improvements can mean big savings on your energy bills. New boilers have more accurate thermostats and timing systems to help you ensure that your home is only heated when you need it, and to the temperature you need it to be – preventing heat and money being lost.  Smart thermostats even allow you to control your boiler from your phone so you can make sure your heating is not on when the property is empty and warmed up in time for you to come home.

You can also set smart thermostats to ensure that your heating only comes on when the property reaches a certain minimum temperature, and switch off again when everything is all nice and toasty!  There is no doubt that smart thermometers are the ultimate in energy-saving technology for your heating, but since they can be expensive, they may not actually save you money for a long time.  So what’s the answer?

If your boiler is not running efficiently, and you are eligible for help, we can install a brand new boiler for you free of charge.  The costs for replacing a boiler will vary, but a straightforward gas boiler replacement including new thermostatic radiator valves will typically cost about £2,300 in Scotland (excluding radiators).  So a free boiler, plus five years of reduced heating bills could save you £3,875 – which is enough to pay your average mortgage for 6 months, or take a family of four away on a 2 week all-inclusive sun holiday!